A_Little_Princess Afterburn Amerika
CocaCola Coneheads Duck_Dodgers
Freejack Mars_Attacks! Marvin_the_Martian_3D
My Fellow Americans Osmosis_Jones Rosewood
Siegfried_and_Roy Smurfs_3D Something_Wicked
Total_Recall TRON TUT_Test

These clips are assembled from a wide range of projects, both live action and animation, film and TV. As you can see, I work successfully with a wide variety of styles and aesthetics. The portrait of Daffy underlying this text is a good metaphore. It's a serious oil portrait...of a duck.

I started as a combination layout artist/background painter/matte artist, doing those, and more, on TRON. About 13 years ago I began painting digitally. I'm a Photoshop expert who has taught hundreds of people in my industry. Now I'm taking courses in Maya to work in 3D. It's fun, I can actually work in Maya and understand its logic.

The clips are derived from workprints, video, and digital files, so they vary in look. For the most part, these clips are small, between 800KB and 2MB, but there are some larger clips, which may either be long duration shots, like the tower pullback from A Little Princess, or sequences, like two from Duck Dodgers that reflect my work experience as a production manager/3D art director/2D-3D combination supervisor. Whew, that's a lot of slashes! All clips are in the Sorenson3 codec, which provides the best quality vs compression ratio that I've seen so far.

I've worked in a variety of capacities: illustrator, matte artist, background artist, texture painter, CG production manager, conceptualist, VFX Art Director, VFX supervisor, and more. I'm happy to lead the charge if that position is available, but I'm just as happy in the trenches. I always rejoiced in working with people who were good at what they do, and have a passion for their work. I hope that you do as well.

All Clips are copyright by their various companies and all rights are reserved. Copying is a no-no.

There are notes accompanying the clips. Feel free to ignore them.